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How We Help Businesses

WCI has over 50 years of working with businesses to fill their employment needs and perform important tasks to their operation. We are committed to being a dependable and enthusiastic partner to solve gaps in your workforce. Our clients and their job coaches are well trained, professional and reliable. Whether you are in need of one or a team of workers, WCI can help your business.

WCI specializes in the following services:

  • Assembly

  • Cashiering

  • Catering

  • Cleaning

  • Lawn and landscaping maintenance

  • Packaging

  • Recycling and reclaiming

  • Warehouse and stocking

  • Woodworking

Options for Businesses:

Advantages of Working With Us:

  • Individual employee placement

  • Employee crews onsite or at our site

  • Prompt response to short turnaround projects

  • Consistent and reliable staffing

  • Custom and timely solutions and services to meet your exact needs

  • Lower operating costs through reduced turnover and training expenses

  • Engage the purchasing power of people with disabilities and their families

Work. Community. Integration.

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