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Testimonials & Success Stories

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Despite significant personal challenges, Roxanne received a job offer after submitting only three applications and interviewing with two companies. She said, “It feels great to be back to work. I feel more confident, it is happier at home, and I am making money again!” And that’s not the best part of her story. Shortly after returning to work less than a month after her intake into WCI’s WIN program, she was promoted to train new hires and given a raise. Then, about a month later, she was given another promotion, to Assistant Manager, and another raise! Roxanne has also been invited to be a full-time employee, which she is currently considering. She added, “It’s been great to advance so quickly!” Roxanne said that she appreciated how WCI assisted her in considering a wide variety of employment options along with assisting her in her application, interviewing and preparation processes.

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“The WIN process was very easy, and the service was very friendly.  I had very focused one-in-one meetings with my WCI employment specialist (ES), and after applying for only one job, I received a job offer, which I accepted.  My job has a variety of tasks, including inventory management, and data entry of invoices and inventory items, so it’s not just the same thing every day.  I have only missed one day since starting a couple of months ago, and because my workload when I returned was so heavy, I am doing my best to not to miss another day unless it is absolutely necessary. I appreciate how my employment specialist stays in touch to make sure everything is going well.  Working again is a real confidence booster and it allows me to have a more independent life.  My ES is adamant about getting right on anything I need.  WIN is a great program.”



Kayla entered the IPS/WIN program with a goal to find part-time employment in the Willmar area.  Kayla had limited work experience and was interested in exploring cashiering positions and working with people.  PS and Kayla went on several employer visits to learn about local companies and the different types of positions they may offer.  Kayla interviewed at JoAnn Fabrics for a part-time sales associate position and was offered the job. Kayla has maintained her employment with great success; and, to date, has received three awards at work for going above and beyond.

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