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Testimonials & Success Stories

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Despite significant personal challenges, Roxanne received a job offer after submitting only three applications and interviewing with two companies. She said, “It feels great to be back to work. I feel more confident, it is happier at home, and I am making money again!” And that’s not the best part of her story. Shortly after returning to work less than a month after her intake into WCI’s WIN program, she was promoted to train new hires and given a raise. Then, about a month later, she was given another promotion, to Assistant Manager, and another raise! Roxanne has also been invited to be a full-time employee, which she is currently considering. She added, “It’s been great to advance so quickly!” Roxanne said that she appreciated how WCI assisted her in considering a wide variety of employment options along with assisting her in her application, interviewing and preparation processes.



Following completion of her five-year Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Margaret enjoyed a career as an Architect. For the next 30 years, Margaret worked for Target, at Marriott’s corporate headquarters and several prominent architectural firms in Minneapolis, Dallas, and Houston.  After a layoff, she worked as an interior designer for Home Depot for five years while applying and being approved for social-security benefits.  She then worked as a non-profit volunteer for the next decade, including serving as Board Chair for Habitat for Humanity of West Central MN. For the past six years, with the assistance of WCI, she has returned to work part-time in her retirement for a number of local retail and merchandising operations, and currently for the City of Willmar.  As a participant in WCI’s (Work Community Integration) WIN (Work Involvement Now) program, Margaret was able to overcome her procrastination, and with word-smithing assistance, update her resume and regain her confidence in connecting with people again. She credits the program with assistance in applying and interviewing for regular part-time work in the community, and for support at work including suggestions for discussing work-related issues and challenges with her bosses.



Cassondra entered the Individual Placement & Support (IPS) Program in May of 2023 with a goal to find employment in the field of childcare, elder care, human services, or health care in the Willmar area. Together, Cassondra and her Placement Specialist completed several applications and interviews. She also participated in a Job Try Out at Bethesda Day Break Services. Cassondra thoroughly enjoyed this work experience, but we identified it was not a good match for her. This opportunity allowed us to learn more about Cassondra and move her job search in a slightly different direction to ensure a better fit in employment. Cassondra had a significant employment barrier with transportation due to living outside the CCT pick up area. Cassondra was dedicated to her job search and made several adaptations to make the scheduling work. Cassondra stayed committed to her plan and obtained housing in Willmar in September.  After the move, we identified a position with the Kwik Trip store located a few blocks from her apartment. In early October, Cassondra started as a Food Demonstrator at Kwik Trip and continues to rock at her job! Cassondra’s employer reports they enjoy having her on their team, she is a quick learner who accepts direction well, her friendly demeanor is a great asset for the position she is in with her welcoming, friendly face greeting customers and offering them samples. In addition to welcoming customers and offering samples, Cassondra oversees preparing the samples, monitoring the display time, and ensuring health and safety procedures are followed.

Work. Community. Integration.

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